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Frequently Asked Questions2018-09-21T12:55:34+02:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make use of templates?2018-09-21T13:47:52+02:00

No, we do not makes use of templates. Each design is done from scratch based on the input we receive from you. This allows us to incorporate personal photos into the design, include a theme and colours to fit your event.

Do you supply video invitations?2018-09-21T13:48:40+02:00

No, we do not supply video invitations.

Do you inlcude backround music with your invitations?2018-09-21T13:37:57+02:00

No, we do not inlcude background music with our invitations. Our main reason for not including music is due to copyright regulations preventing the use of commercial music without the consent from the artist.

How do we start the process of obtaining an invitation?2018-09-21T12:06:12+02:00

You simply send us an email to let us know what type of invitation (email or WhatsApp) and optional link pages you require. We will then send you all the information we require from you.

How long does it take before my invitation will be ready?2018-09-21T13:49:38+02:00

This will depend on the complexity of the invitation required. If it is a WhatsApp Basic version, Save the Date or Thank You Card we will need less time compared to an email or WhatsApp version with optional link pages. On average it will take up to 7 days to have an email or WhatsApp version with optional link pages ready for sending.

Is the email invitation an attachment?2018-09-26T11:08:53+02:00

No it is not. Our email versions load directly in the recipient’s email body. This allows guests to click on the various buttons such as RSVP, Map, Accommodation, Slideshow Gallery or Gift Registry from within the email which will then open the relevant page.

Do I need to send the invitation myself?2018-09-21T13:50:33+02:00

The email version we send on your behalf.

The WhatsApp version you send directly to your guests.

How do I know if the email invitation was received by all my guests?2018-09-26T11:10:37+02:00

Once we’ve sent the email invitation on your behalf, we will provide you with an online tracking report. This comprehensive report is linked to your mailing and will indicate if any emails bounced, which guests opened the email and which guests did not open the email. All this information is very useful and can help you with preparing your follow up mailing lists.

How do I know when a guest has submitted a RSVP?2018-09-21T13:53:43+02:00

When your guest submits a RSVP via your unique RSVP Manager, our system will send you an email notification to inform you of this RSVP. The guest will also receive an email notification with an ICS calendar attachment allowing him to save your event to his electronic calendar. The RSVP data is also stored online and can be viewed on your browser via a unique link we supply you with. The data updates in real time as your guests submit their RSVPs.

Is it possible to ask my guests additional questions during the RSVP process?2018-09-21T12:52:40+02:00

Yes, you can basically ask your guests anything from dietary requirements to song requests. This is all included in the cost of your invitation.

I have some older guests who do not use email or WhatsApp. How do go about sending them my invitation?2018-09-21T13:54:58+02:00

This is not a problem. On request, we will gladly supply you with a print-ready version of your invitation at no additional charge.

Can you also assist with my wedding stationary?2018-09-21T13:56:15+02:00

Yes we will gladly assist with the design of your wedding stationary. We can incorporate the same design elements used in your E-Invite and supply you with a variety of print-ready formats. We do not offer a printing service but we will supply you with the required print-ready formats which you can then take to a printer of your choice.

What makes your service different to some of the other service providers I found online?2018-09-21T14:01:03+02:00

We are a small team based in South Africa who takes pride in our customer service and our product. Since 2010 we’ve supplied 100s of invitations and were the first to provide this kind of service to the local market. Each invite is designed with care and passion. We listen to our customer feedback and constantly strive to improve on what we offer.

“Wow, we’ve had overwhelmingly good responses to our wedding invitation! Thanks so much for all your hard work to get these out. We’re also loving the RSVP Manager – the emails and the updated list – as well as the tracking report information.”
Carol-Anne & Pieter
“Ek waardeer julle diens ongelooflik en dink dit is ‘n pragtige moderne konsep.”
Talieta & Tony
“WOW WOW WOW!! Thank you so much. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are great.”
Taryn & Travis
“Many, many thanks for all your help, advice, support and efforts. We have been delighted with your service to date!”
Sarika & Maik
“Die invites is AWESOME!!! Ons is so gelukkig met hulle.”
Sandra, E-Travel
“Thanks so very much for sorting that for us! We’re totally thrilled that it’s done… We will recommend you to all our mates.”
Grant & Mareli
“The invitations are a big hit, thank you and Anke very much”
Celeste & Daniel
“Super, thanks Morne and thanks to you & Anke for making this such an easy exercise. I will definitely recommend ‘E-invites’ to everyone I know.”
Susan & Andrew
“The invites look so beautiful live. Thank you so much for all your efforts.”
Hailey & Rex
“Thanks for all your great service with the E-Invites Morne. It’s been a pleasure…….”
Linda & Erich
“It’s perfect! The gallery looks amazing. It’s soooo cool.”
Yohanna & Demarte
“Thanks for everything we really appreciate it and everyone loves the design. We have only received compliments.”
Joaneen & Neil
“Thank you very much for such beautiful work!!”
Wilmah & Tinashe
“Baie dankie dis 100%. Waardeer jul spoedige werk.”
Lauren & Flippie
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